About Gale Osterberg

 Gale OsterbergProfessional

My psychotherapy practice is based in my strong belief that we have the inherent strength and wisdom to address challenges in ways that allow us to grow and to deepen our understanding of ourselves and others.  I believe that we have a natural tendency toward growth; I help remove obstacles and clear the path.  I am committed to living an aware, meaningful life as fully as possible and to helping others do the same.

My therapeutic style is respectful, interactive and compassionate.  I use a highly personalized approach which is tailored to the personality and goals of each client.  Your knowledge of yourself is combined with my years of experience to develop strategies to make sense of your situation and to develop a plan of action.  You will learn to increase your coping skills and to care for yourself in a warm and supportive environment. Your insight and experience is valued and is used to guide our progress. I offer practical feedback so that you can develop more awareness of your internal processes, make good decisions, and effectively address life challenges.



I came to being a psychotherapist naturally– my parents were both psychologists and I grew up analyzing my family members’ behavior (and being analyzed in return).  There were many lively discussions about psychology which created an enduring interest in our human condition.  Because people are infinitely unique, working with them is infinitely interesting to me.  Each person has a special story to tell and I am honored to be part of that story.  Being a psychotherapist is more than just a job for me—it has been a lifelong calling.

Although coping with loss and challenges in my own life has been painful, these experiences have deepened my compassion and understanding of the suffering of others. By confronting my vulnerabilities and my strengths, I have become a wiser, more empathic therapist.

I make it a priority to balance my personal and professional life.  I believe that maintaining this balance is essential to be physically and emotionally healthy. It is important for each of us to find the people, places, and activities that nurture us and bring us peace and joy.


Professional Training

I received my Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from the University of Denver in 1978 and have been in private practice since then.  In addition, I have been employed as a psychotherapist by the following organizations:

Wardenburg Student Health Center, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado

University Mental Health Services, Denver, Colorado

Colorado Center for BioBehavioral Health. Boulder, Colorado

Colorado Health and Education Center, Boulder, Colorado


Professional Affiliations

Anxiety Disorders Association of America

National Association of Social Workers

Boulder Psychotherapists Guild

Psychology Today

Trichotillomania Learning Center